Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year fellow Crafters!!!

I started the new year off organising my craft space. Sharing 2brm house with 3 males makes it really hard to have some space just for myself. But I succeeded!!!

Mum bought Mike and I a BBQ for our family Christmas present. At first I thought, oh how unfair, a new toy for Mike buttttt (and yes that's a very big but), he's been cooking on it every single night since Christmas Day. So in all fairness, I got the best gift EVER!!! NO COOKING FOR ME!!! Thanks Mum, bestest Christmas present in the history of Christmas presents I think :D
Soooooo....I've moved our old dining table and chairs outside under the Gazebo. AND TAKEN OVER THE DINING ROOM for my crafting purposes. Ok, not really the best idea in history, but it works. I now have a space, all to myself and away from fighting brothers and the noise of teenagers and the playstation. Do I rock, or do I rock???!!!! (Ok, that wasn't really a question lol)

So, here in all it's glory is my very own crafting space. I know it's not the grandest, nor do I have expensive crafting doodads or fancy furniture, but it's all mine :D And I love it!!

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