Sunday, January 24, 2010

Australia Day/Survival Day/Invasion Day?

On the 26th January, Australians celebrate Australia Day, marking the arrival of the first fleet.

But be aware that Aboriginal Australia does not celebrate with you.
To us, this day signifies the beginning of the end to life as we knew it.

When you celebrate this day do not forget to remember the thousands upon thousands of Aboriginals who were massacred, pushed off their land and herded like cattle (in chains) to be placed on Missions and Stations.
Remember the Tasmanian Aboriginals, who after the arrival of the first fleet were decimated to a mere 12 survivors.
Be aware that we never gave up our land or our culture, it was cruelly taken from us. No Treaty was signed or beads exchanged.
Remember that until 1967 we were not even classed as Citizens of this country that we had occupied and cared for for over 50,000 years.
Remember the "White Australia Policy" in place from 1907 and officially overturned in 1973 that did not allow blacks of any race to enter this country as migrants. (that included darkish skin Europeans)

So while you are having the traditional Aussie BBQ on Australia Day keep in mind that Aboriginal Australia does not, cannot and will not celebrate this day with you.
For on this day we will mourn our ancestors, remember their struggle and try to make sense of injustices.



  1. I am so with you on this Kerry, my people were treated like this and I dont celebrate Australia I spend this day in morning for all the ones that were lost and to this day treated like shit,. My Nana and Dad were part of the Stolen Generation and he never got over it and died with it,.love Glenda

  2. It might seem like hypocrisy, and I can understand that view, but, as a white Australian, I support your stand about "Australia Day".
    Those of us who have inherited the material gains from what was done to the aboriginal people - we also do not feel like celebrating this day.
    Perhaps a new, and different date could be chosen, on which we might bring all Australian together, in reconciliation, and in continuing the battle against the continuing injustices against aboriginal people

  3. I'm from Canada, and have never heard about Australia Day and wasn't aware of the conflict of feelings amonst the aboriginals. I learned from your blog today. Thank you.
    It's made me wonder how our first nations here think about Canada day.

  4. Hear Hear, too true. I am the only remaining founder of the New England Colonial Living History Group 1680-1760. I get asked a lot why we recreate the lifestyle of settlers in the New World and not Australia. Basically my answere is that it is more fun, also there is a larger choice of nationalities, skills, personas, and activity scenarios.
    How could we possibly recreate early settlement in Australia and enjoy it? I would love to attract some Australian Aboriginals to our group, they could I am sure teach us so much.
    With respect and regards, Le Loup.