Thursday, April 30, 2009

The travelling Stuffie

Over the next month or so on Swap-bot a group of my swap buddies and I will be taking part in a Stuffie Round Robin.
We all make or buy a small stuffie each and send them onto the other participants.
Once you receive the stuffie, you can add anything to it that you'd like, stitch on a flower, a little embroidery, whatever takes your fancy really. Then you send it on to the next swapper and so on.
Some of the women came up with the idea of sending a notebook with theirs so we can write about our time with the stuffie. Another has sent hers off with a map of Australia so we can map out her stuffies travels.

I made a basic gingerbread shaped stuffie named Candi.
She's quite plain at the moment but I'm sure she'll return home looking absolutely fabulous!
I also printed up a little booklet about her and have left space for the other women to write a little something about their time with my stuffie.

I will do another post when she arrives home....

GoodBye Candi...Safe travels :D

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  1. She's a Cutie!! I can't wait to meeet Candi