Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm Back!!

After a couple of months of forgetting that I had this blog and then trying to figure out my username and password I am now back.
Things around here have been pretty much the same, except that I've been able to get a little more crafting in than usual.
Easter is around the corner and so are the school holidays. I've stocked up on craft supplies so hopefully I can keep my boys entertained over the break and will not have to hear the dreaded "Muuuummm, I'm bored" every 5mins.
Malik lost his first tooth today :( I'm actually quite sad about it, my baby is no longer a baby. I wish I knew how to slow down the ageing process so I can keep him at this stage a little longer. Pretty soon he won't think I'm the bestest Mum ever and gone will be long snuggles and acting silly. That will all be replaced with obnoxious teenage angst :(
Well that's all from me today, I'm off to get in an hour of naptime before the boys get back from my sisters.....

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